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How important is sex in your life relative to how busy you are?

My girlfriend and I get to have sex roughly once a month. I'm not really upset about it and she isn't upset about it either. The thing is I work as a Private Equity analyst and she works as a circuit design engineer thus we have very long work hours (65 - 100 hrs). It depends on the week and which stage we are in our deal/project. Its also extremely early in our careers thus we are not willing to sacrifice any opportunities.

We both LOVE what we do so no real complaints. The issue is, I'm curious if this could possibly become a problem later on. If we are both busy in the same way I can't see either of us complaining about our relationship. We go on dates as often as we can and hang out/talk all the time but sex is limited. After a 15 - 18 hour work shift no one wants to stay up an additional few hours doing anything.


We can't adjust our work schedules without getting fired. Once again we love what we do, its intellectually stimulating and interesting. Keep in mind every day at least 1 - 1.5 hours is killed just waking up, getting changed, going to/coming back from work. These are long days.

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    Dunno. I can and often do work over 90 hours a week and sex is important.

    Without it I think I'd go more insane than I am now.

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    The best thing to do is talk to her about it... everyone has a different amount of sex drive. If she's getting sex from somewhere plus with you occasionally of course she's not going to complain. But if she's the type that wants it all the time but never shows it then you should be worried. In every relationship its always good to switch things up... make a sacrifice and do something spontaneous at times, but like I said before the best thing to do is talk and make sure you're on the same boat.

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    I would say sex is a huge part any relationship. I cant go a week without it. But hey if you two can manage it good for you. Once a month is very low and a deal breaker for me. My husband works 9-6 pm and is always tired for sex and it started to bug me a little. I do all the housework plus full time student but I'm always up for sex lol. He would rather have once a week but for me I wish I could have gotten 3-4 times a week.

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    So long as you are both satisfied then the frequency of sex is not an issue. Be happy. Most couples are complaining because their partner isn't satisfying their needs.

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    Can you adjust your schedules? to less hours?

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