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Please someone answer this?

There's this girl from one of my classes. I'm a senior and she's a junior. She's cute and school is almost over, I'm thinking of going for her. Anyways, last week we were chatting over Facebook and it was all good. Last night, she changed her relationship status to single. She was married to her best friend, who is a girl, for fun. She hasn't been in an actual relationship for at least a year. She changed her profile picture to the one that she looks the best in. Her best friend friend requested me on facebook the same night. And normally she's pretty shy, but one day last week she was really social with her best friend. And she occasionally asks me for help in class. We haven't talked in about a week. I messaged her tonight, and it was going good again and I got her number. The odd thong is that she really doesn't use any emoticons. Anyways, is any of this a sign that she likes me?

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    If she doesn't use emoticons do you *really* want to date her?

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