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how can i get a girlfriend?

i know i am not the the most popular kid on the street but i am always nice, keep up with the style and have a good sense of humor. i had 3 girlfriends and 2 of them where kind of ugly and the 1 was good looking. i am 14 and i have red hair and freckles i try to make friends with the girls in school but the kind of ignore me ... my friends try to help me out and say you want to go out with him ...... right in front of me but they say no every time..... i am very shy and get embarrassed when a girl talks to me.... can somebody give me some tips or something ,,,, i am going to a high school this upcoming school year. so hope you can help me out and give me some good answers . THANK YOU ALL


thank you for all of your great answers.. and the opportunity ;) i will try all this stuff that you have said and thank you again and hey facebook me and you will get that date opportunity .... jkjk thank you

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    9 years ago

    1st:don't be desperate. find a girl you think is worth your time. don't be cocky and act as if they r blessed just to see you either. Everyone deserves respect but wont get it unless they treat themselves and others with respect to.

    my relationship list isn't long either I'll go ahead and admit that, also 3. my previous one was a month, my first one was 2 and a half and the one im in will be 3months in 9 days. so not much experience but they last, well for a high schooler(11th grade)

    I don't just flirt and hang around any one. Not a hoe. no one worth being with for a long time is going to want to day a hoe. and no one worth dating is a hoe. also don't have a friend as that or ask out for you. be a man. ask your self. girls respect that. makes them feel important.

    If I were you I'd get use to talking to girls so you'll be comfortable doing so. suggest mutual friends no just a random girl. but that is just my preference. makes me feel comfadent and not nervous.

    Hope I helped(:

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    9 years ago

    Hi! I'm 14, and I'm a girl! (:

    Girls don't like guys that are jerks. Keep that in mind. Being a jerk to act cool will not get you a girlfriend! When you're around girls, be really nice and sweet and make them feel like you want to talk to them. If you're texting or something, put smiley faces we like them :) we don't like perverts and we don't like guys that cuss 24/7. we like sweet, funny, guys(:

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    ill be ur gf

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