21 Questions ???????............?

I'm playing 21 questions w/ my crush and I don't know what to ask him. But it can't be nothing too freaky because were both virgins and I asked his favorite colors , cars, birthday, favorite sport already so.. please help don't be rude either.

3 Answers

  • 9 years ago

    1. What have you done all day?

    2. What's your favorite song and why?

    3. What is your favorite episode of Family Guy?

    4. Favorite color outfit on a girl?

    5. Favorite drink and place to shop?

    6. Favorite food?

    7. What would your perfect first date be like?

    8. If tomorrow was your last day, what would you do?

    9. Do you wanna have kids in the future?

    10. Fav. animal? lol

    11. Would you ever consider cheating as a good thing?

    12. First thing you notice about a girl?

    13. Love at first sight?

    14. Best feature about yourself?

    15. Do you like it when the girl makes the first move or?

    16. If you could go out with any celeb who would it be and why?

    17. If you could speak any other language fluently what would it be?

    18. Fav. eye color on a girl?

    19. You like swimming?

    20. Favorite brand of shoes?

    21. Who would you choose between Kobe and Jordan or however you spell them? haha

    Just random things. Hope this helps!

  • 9 years ago

    whats your favorite cereal to eat?

    do you sing in the shower?

    what hand to you mostly hold your phone/

    how many girls have you dated?

    whats your favorite brand in clothes?

    do you have any hobbies/

    whats your favorite team?

    what do u want to be when u get older?

    as a kid what did you enjoy watching?

    what your most embarrassing moment?

    very childhood time?

    favorite place to vacation?

    if you could have 3 wishes what would it be?

    lol mi & my bf when we were 14 we played this game to get to know each other. both of us were vrigins so we didn't ask anything freaky lol. & now its been over 3yrs & when we play this game it kind of gets freaky lol

    ahhh i love my bf <3 gooood luckkkk hope the questions work

  • 9 years ago

    What are the five things that make you happy?

    What is something that I do that makes you mad?

    Outside of family and friends what are the two most important things to you?

    Who is your hero? Why?

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