Sleeping with Sirens song with beatboxing?!?

Okay, so I was with one of my friends and she loves sleeping with sirens and has almost all of their songs. She played one that sounded like it wasn't really offical. It went something like this.... And she makes my mouth go (beatbox) and that is like the whole song. I really liked it and no matter what I search I can't find it! So if there are any people out there that are obsessed with SWS and know this song, please help me!! Lol. Oh, and I think the very beginning of the song is just like talking and I think it says something like... Yeah, I met a girl this summer and she was alright. Please answer cause I really wanna find this song!

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  • 9 years ago
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    Uh eeh I'm a huge fan of them i attended 2 concerts.

    The song isn't by Sleeping with sirens. Its Rhyme or Reason- By Kellin Quinn

    Yeah he is the lead singer of Sleeping with sirens! It was just a old song he done alone.

    Here's the link to the song:

    Youtube thumbnail

    First Album: "With ears to see eyes to hear"

    Second Album: "Let's cheers to this"

    There coming out with a new ep "If you were a move this would be your soundtrack" on June 26.

    Just incase you wanted to know lol. (::

    And he was in Closer to closure a old band he was in at the time. Like 2007 are so. Sleeping with sirens was formed in 2009 Aka signed by Rise records.

    Source(s): SWS FAN FOR LIFE!
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