I want to know what in my chart makes people think of me as "flirty"?

I don't get it. I don't flirt that much. At least, not the way I see it. But according to many friends and even adults, people say that I have this "flirty" aura about me, since I walk swaying my hips from side to side (People say I do, I rarely notice it), and sometimes, not always, I flirt with guys (It's normal, right?) I don't consider myself especially flirty, but for some reason, my friends do.

I want to know what in my chart makes them see me this way (Or makes me this way)

Sun in Virgo

Ascendant in Aquarius

Moon in Sagittarius

Venus in Virgo (Least. Flirty. Placement. Ever.)

Mars in Libra

Mercury in Libra

Jupiter in Sagittarius

Uranus in Capricorn

Pluto in Scorpio

Saturn in Pisces

Lilith in Gemini

If you're curious about more aspects in my chart, here's a link to it:


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    Your N. Node is Libra@27.21 and Libra Mars@26.23 trines your Lilth in Gemini@27.02. Lilith being so close to personal planets and your N.Node destiny means lilith is very active in your chart! Liilth was the 1st wife of Adam, she rebelled against Adam and forced out of the Garden of Eden, they say she uses female power to get what she wants...lilith is active in your chart and the energy is in the very flirty gemini and trined by the very flirty libra placements, you should see where the other liliths fall!

    there is 3 different liliths,

    h13- is blackmoon, the "true" lilith, its not a physical body but a shadow focal point some have claimed to see representing the darkest part of the moons female energy.,

    h21-the lilith you see listed regularly is darkmoon lilith and has 2 nodes, the one listed, yours gemini@27, and then another that will be very close in degree much like your north node has 2 listed degrees. The other degree you can find listed under h21, the darkmoon is said to be second satellite of earth.

    1181-Asteroid Lilith, said to be the most frightening and powerful point in a females chart, dependending on how its used...

    Considering that your lilth is in gemini and your sun and venus are in virgo, they are squared by sign by gemini lilith, meaning the virgo planets energy's dont flow with the gemini/lilith energy, they dont work together, and get each other. Then you have cappy nep and uranus which is closely squared or blocked from functioning and seeing your libra planets energys. When libra/gemini energy isnt in action, as soon as someone accuses you of acting a certain way, your ego, your sun, virgo and your appropriate behavior cappy saturn will kick in and honestly not be aware of such behavior because they dont connect up with that libra/gemini energy because they are squared and blocked from flowing together...liilth energy. its nothing to be ashamed of but it is a reality! Next time try to watch and think about your behavior and get yourself to see what everyone else is saying...you dont need to change it if you dont want but its much better to have this energy in your control rather than it controlling you.

    Lilith energy comes out when your really just "in the zone"not really thinking just feeling good, smooth and in control. You might notice when someone accuses you of acting like this, it might feel like a halt of good energy that turns into a much less secure, self assured and fluid energy. Going from lilth in gemini(female power/total flirt) to sun in virgo(ego/shy) is going to be a drastic change up in energy. Your libra mars, also a flirty sexual energy only supports this lilith energy.

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    Capricorn moons generally is a little difficult to paintings with. They generally tend to not categorical feelings until they a million) see a functional motive for it and a couple of) suppose it's the right feeling to have. The moon symbolizes how a individual strategies and expresses their feelings... and Cap is an overly "valuable, functional" form of signal... so that they obviously might consider matters, however they are going to face up to expressing them until they suppose it's valuable & functional. And accordingly, a few humans might see that as bloodless. And when you consider that you've gotten a Leo Sun, your experience of self could be very robust. Of path you prefer matters to be "all approximately you." But the item approximately being a "king" is, (and Leo is the signal of a King), sure you want your topics to recognize you however a well king additionally has to serve his topics. The "worship" of a king is a 2 means avenue. It is candy to get ego stroking, and Leos do want it, however routinely they are going to omit to recognize the strokers. That, mixed with a Cap Moon that's reticent approximately expressing its emotions, might make you seem bloodless & self-founded. You do not record the levels, but when the Leo Mercury and/or the Leo Jupiter are conjunct the Sun, as a way to upload to the Leo end result. You additionally don't point out your Venus, that's the planet that symbolizes the way you relate to different humans. That is a curious omission, whilst you're asking how humans relate to you! One more thing: Mars in Virgo could make a individual an overly fussy employee, continually anticipating perfection. And that's special so that you can try for, however now not each person has Mars in Virgo, so take into account that once you're assessing different humans's paintings. (The time period "paintings" whilst used with Mars additionally refers to how we take any movement in any respect.) None of those placements "lock you" into behaving a distinctive means, nevertheless it could be on your high-quality curiosity to paintings on expressing your emotions a little bit extra most likely. I recognise you've gotten them. So do you. Now permit different humans recognise approximately them.

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    It's because your beautiful...happens to me all the time....I know just how you feel lolol >_>

    Your Mercury & Venus are in opposite rulers which is called a "mutual reception" and makes for an engaging dynamic as is your Saturn & Neptune! These are considered beneficial & often take on the qualities of one another so my guess is that your flirtiness doesn't come off as sexual but more so charming and witty? Likewise your Mercury is trine AC so this may explain why it's gone by unbeknownst to you as trines are like 2nd nature

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    Your 2 Libra, they're very good conversationalist. Maybe your saggy moon, for a lil bit of blunt intention.

    It's in da Air placement.

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