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help me gain weight!!!?

Earlier this year i suffered from an eating disorder and lost about 21 lbs.. i used to be 136lbs (which wasnt rly fat for my height) i am 5'7 and and now weigh 115 lbs

personally I think that's fine but I stopped getting my period so my doctor says i need to gain weight however its really hard!! For the last 2 weeks all ive been eating is bagels with peanut butter almonds avocado- lots of healthy fats but that didnt work at all and then this last week all i have been having is pizza pasta and chocolate and i LOST more weight!

im really scared because I need to get my period because its dangerous not to have it but my body just wont put on weight!!!

how can i gain weight? please help


oh and im a 17 yr old female

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    I would not eat a bunch of junk food to gain weight. I would eat a bunch of nutrient rich vegetables and fruits with whole wheat bread. At every single meal, you should be having some vegetables and fruits and perhaps some extra meat. can learn more about this at

    My doctor always tells me to eat 3 meals a day until you are full. Don't stuff yourself- just eat until you are full 3 times a day. Since you are underweight, I would look into 3 meals a day with some snacks in between (healthy snacks).

    Fish is very healthy- so is chicken. I would cook up some chicken and add hot sauce (if you like hot sauce). It will taste very good :)

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    you can try to eat more meat to put more protein in your diet. you can also try a mass gainer like massxxx from gnc. they contain a lot of calories and a good amount of protein. combine a that with a good work out routine and a good clean diet and it should help.

    Good luck!

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