What does this even mean?

Okay so my gf says she ain't leavin but she quit her job, packed her stuff into boxes and got her school transfer papers. She's going to move to providence and I don't kno what to believe bcuz she doesn't know if the state will let her go (she's in fostercare). What shuud I think????

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    evel; flat; without surface irregularities; smooth: an even road.


    on the same level; in the same plane or line; parallel: even with the ground.


    free from variations or fluctuations; regular: even motion.


    uniform in action, character, or quality: to hold an even course.


    equal in measure or quantity: Add even amounts of oil and vinegar.




    evenly: The road ran even over the fields.


    still; yet (used to emphasize a comparative): even more suitable.


    (used to suggest that something mentioned as a possibility constitutes an extreme case or an unlikely instance): Even the slightest noise disturbs him. Even if he attends, he may not participate.


    just (used to emphasize occurrence, coincidence, or simultaneousness of occurrences): Even as he lay dying, they argued over his estate.


    fully or quite: even to death.

  • 9 years ago

    Just think what u think is best..! Dnt let her influence u

  • 9 years ago

    It means she is trying to leave and maybe try talking to her.

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