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Cheapest place to buy purple hair extensions or hair dye?

I want to dye my hair purple but my mom doesn't want me damaging my hair. I have dark brown hair with natural blonde parts in it I want to dye it but without bleaching it. What type of hair dye would anyone recommend?

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    If you want to do highlights I would reccommend buying blond extensions and then dying them with a purple hair dye. Sadly you can't dye your dark hair a bright color like that withought bleaching it. Revlon has a kit called frost and glow and it's a lightening kit, you put the cap of and use the tool it came with to pull hair through the holes marked on the cap. Put the dye on it and then wash your hair out (mak sure to keep the cap on so you candy those purple) blow dry (with cap on!) and then put the purple over it) wen you take the cap off you should have nice highlights everywhere. I think the kit is part bleach but it isn't as damaging as normal bleach good luck! :)

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    To your fading hair dye - Castings Creme Gloss does a rather excellent transitority black dye, it does not fade for weeks - if you can not in finding it, just hinder utilising anti-dandruff shampoos, or an excessive amount of shampoo as it could actually strip your hair a bit of. On your extensions - I got some rather cool fuchsia coloured extensions in Georges Arcade (reverse Waltons, beside Dunnes on Georges road) for roughly 10 euro it's on the left facet of the Arcade the place the smaller stores are, there is a small retailer that sells baggage, hair bows, tights, hair dye, extensions, belt buckles..The entire good stuff :) they've one of a kind sizes and colors of extensions and they're all reasonably low priced and quite excellent best. I received them a yr in the past after I had dark brown hair but I can't wear them anymore seeing that I modified my hair color..And they thoroughly clash haha! Xx

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    Wella maybe for the brand and about the hair extensions and dye on where to buy them definantely a Sally salon shop. Good luck! :)

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    9 years ago yu can get the purple cli ins here....

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