What's the difference between the story of how Prometheus gave man fire?

being used to explain how we got fire, and the story of God creating the Earth in seven days to explain how we have a 7 day week?

Honestly, they both sound like something primitive man would use to explain something.

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    9 years ago
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    Prometheus is more like the story of the Serpent Satan and Eve.

    The fruit was the fruit of knowledge in both cases.

    Fire was not just about heat, it was about mastering technology, the apple was about tech too in the end.

    Prometheus and Satan both get punished.

    Prometheus by getting chained to a rock where vultures tear him open and eat his liver every day forever and ever, over and over.

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    Actually the heavens and the Earth were created in 6 days. A day is not measured by the same length as we know. Rather the scholarly attempt to explain the reason for 6 days is that God wanted to signify that things should be done in sequence and a plan. Because if God willed He could have created everything by saying Be and it would exist.

    I don't know the story for Prometheus, sorry.

    Source(s): Quran and Sunnah
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    You misunderstand the purpose of myth.

    For the first, it's not an explanation of why we have literal fire. It symbolizes the divine in man, the spark of creativity and rational capability that is gifted by the Gods. Prometheus means 'fore-thought' and it was he who shaped man out of clay. Why insist it must be literal?

    For the second, I'd say it's the other way around, if they're related at all. The people who believed their God created the earth in seven days made their week seven days long, because as such 'seven days' is cosmologically significant and represents a complete cycle of time.

    As for "primitive man" explaining things, chew on this: People don't 'make up' myths. No one woke up one day and said "Hey! I'll use such and such explanation for why the moon changes phase!". Myth arises organically from human experience, and therein lies its significance.

    Source(s): Polytheist
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    Ha! God created the Earth in six days and rested on the 7th.

    Checkmate Atheist.

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