How do we boost our apartments free wifi signal?

Our apartments have a free wifi setup but the signal is pretty weak and our service cuts out. How do we boost the signal from our apartment without a land connection for a router?


Our laptop for the most part is not the problem its our other devices like our wii and our ps3. Anything we run on those that has online connections like netflix, or playing online, does not continue to work cause of the weak signal. Will a repeater still work for those devices as well?

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  • Gordon
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    9 years ago
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    If you are able to hook up an external wi-fi antenna, you can try using a Can-tenna.

    Or; try using an external USB antenna.

    Or, if you are using a laptop, run the laptop while it's plugged into the wall.

    When your laptop is running off line power, it dial back on some of it's power saving features. One of those is the wi-fi signal strength.

    You could also try getting a wi-fi repeater. Find the location in your apartment with the best wi-fi connection and place the repeater there. The repeater will then provide you with a locally strong signal.

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