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Has Four Years of a Failed Economy got you down, Me Too...ROMNEY for ME in One Two?

Then take action to get rid of Affirmative No Action ....Obama. Let's all work together as Americans and send OBOTOX ha ha...out to the remote Isle of the Biden with Joe. After all...There's A Clear Blue Sky Outside and the Arizona Summer is Arizona Fine with Blondes like ME.

Source: Tears In My Eyes - Uriah Heep circa 1970

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    I'm wondering why the Democrats never put forth a budget plan during these three and a half years. Maybe the presidential dog took it and buried it in the White House lawn but I doubt this.

  • bob
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    9 years ago

    You really do fit the stereotype of the dumb blond!

    In the last three and a half years:

    we went from losing 250,000 jobs a month to adding jobs every month for more than two years

    We went from a rapidly falling stock market that had lost a third of it's value to a steadily rising stock market that has doubled in value

    We have gone from more than a year of a contracting economy (recession) to more than two years of economic expansion

    We have gone from more than a decade of a deteriorating manufacturing base to two years of an expanding manufacturing base.

    We have gone from a rapidly rising unemployment rate that doubled during the Bush years to a steadily declining unemployment rate.

    We have added more jobs in this three and a half years that Bush added in eight years

    Hope that isn't too complicated for your tiny conservative brain...To me it doesn't look like a "failed economy" at all. Just looks like it is taking too long to repair the damage the failed conservative agenda left behind.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Equally affected were officials in public capacity, such as police officers, prosecutors and jurors, who with the rest of the viewers primed by the campaign, developed conscious or (often) unconscious anti-black biases

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    4 years of a failed economy?? Obama has been in office only 3. What does THAT tell you?? (figuratively...I meant what does that tell someone with a clue?)

    Did you think that first BUSH year of "failed economy"of that 4 would MAGICALLY turn into 3 years of wonderful Obama economy overnight?

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  • John
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    9 years ago

    The economy has only become healthier during Obama.

  • 9 years ago

    wow the day truly must be boring today

    and what do you smoke start with C

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