Trignometry Homework Help?

Can someone pls help me in solving these problems:

1. Find the first four terms of the sequence a n(little n) = n(3n+5)

2. Find the fourth term of the expansion (h+p)6 squared

**little n as in the small tiny n on the bottom left corner of a number or letter

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  • 9 years ago
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    1) 1st term=1(3x1+5)=8

    2nd term=2(3x2+5)=22

    3rd term=3(3x3+5)=42

    4th term=4(3x4+5)=68

    so the first four terms are 8, 22, 42, 68

    2) 4th term (h+p)6=question confused sorry.

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