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Training to make it in the U.S Marine Corps?

What kind of exercises should I work on before I join the Marines to pass the PT and to survive boot camp? Also how many reps or how long of the exercise should I do? Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.

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    9 years ago
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    Only 3. Do 3 max sets of pullups every day. 3 max sets of crunches, and a 3 mile run everyday. The only way to get a better PFT score is to do the same excercises. Lifting weights will not help you with the PFT.

    Source(s): LCpl, 0313, USMC. PFT SCORE: 295/300:)
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Corporal (soon to be God to you) Jason, has it sussed (Kiwi speak for) sorted. Semper Fi Jason. Follow Corp Jason's advice - here's a few more tips;

    Get you running up to 5 miles a day, wear good fitting, well worn, comfy 'Boots'. Don't worry too much about the run time, just do the distance at a comfortable trot.

    Your 'new' life will be all about Boots. Boots will rule your day and night, as will the ones on the Corporal's and DI's feet.

    Get too love your boots and toughen up your feet, loose bare foot sand running with sand hill sprint work. Finally get a good fitting back pack and start running with the pack. Add increasing weights (bags of sand are good) try and reach your 5 miles, in boots, with 12 - 15 lbs (25 Kg) in your pack.

    Carry a 3 foot length of timber, 2 x 4, weighing about 5 - 6lbs. After the first mile, for every 30 paces raise it straight up above your head with both arms, raise and lower 10 times. Do that for the next 1/2 mile and then alternate normal running and arm lifts running for each 1/2 mile thereafter.

    Get to that standard along with Cpl Jason's list of standards and you will hose through basic. OH! if you can get some swimming in - try for 30 laps slow crawl.

    Good luck to you, go hard. doc

    Source(s): Retired Career Soldier
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