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I have shared parenting and i want to move 2hrs away with my kids....?

My ex husband and i have shared parenting...our decree reads that neither of us can move out of school district until our girls have graduated...i want to move 2hrs away and start new with my girls....any suggestions on how to handle this....i know its going to be ugly...


He doesnt pay any child support and i basically walked away from everything...i need to move away and start fresh....

Update 2:

We have the girls equal amount of time....can i still get child support since he makes a lot more money then i do?

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    What an incredibly crappy thing to do.

    Given that what's best for your children is not your first priority, why don't you give Dad full custody and go off two hours away by yourself? I mean, you figure it's reasonable for Dad to be far away and have to drive two hours to visit, so it must be a pretty okay deal for a parent and you won't mind doing it yourself, right?

    "He doesnt pay any child support"

    Uh huh. Do you pay child support to him, who shares parenting...?

    "and i basically walked away from everything...i need to move away and start fresh...."

    Whatever. So, eff off, but you don't get to take children away from a parent because you made poor decisions. Put your grown-up's pants on, suck it up, plan to move in ten or fifteen years or whatever depending on how old your kids are. Make better choices in men and reproduction, do better with the choices you've already made.

    "can i still get child support since he makes a lot more money then i do?"

    Quite possibly.

    Source(s): Have child, have ex, have little patience for this sort of thing
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    First of all I'd get child support. Why aren't you get'g any? You have legal rights & free to report him. As far as moving . . . although I understand your feelings he is still their father. Even though (& believe me I know!) it is hard don't use your kids or put them in the middle or deny their relationship with the other parent. If he is a dead-beat not supporting them you are the one that can do something about that legally & should. But by moving first of all you will be in trouble legally for disobeying a court written order so may all back-fire on you. Second you will be hurting to children & that would not be a good thing for the kids.

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    Yes you can always file to get chill support, in fact most US family courts recommend child support be reevaluated every 3 years with parent's income being review and support recalculated to keep things fair and current.

    If you want to move away for your own sake it will be a hdd sell. It is supposed to be about the children's well being not yours. You will have to show that moving is in their best interest. Or get Dad to consent.

    Remember, courts will point out that you chose to have children with this guy and now you have to live with the person he is.

  • Starting over is about you and not your girls. Kids need and benefit from both parents. You should not move to get away from him, but you should stay around till the kids finish HS so they can benefit from both parents.

    On the issue of child support. Most states have guidelines and if you are entitled to child support that is fair and he can afford, than you should get it if it is appropriate in your case.

    Source(s): Massachusetts Family and Probate Court Website
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    You CAN"T. And he is their father!!! They need him, whatever you think. He's their father and matter what you do, you'll be tied to him forever, dear. So a 'fresh start' really isn't possible.

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    Why be so selfish? Your children should be allowed to be close to their father.

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