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Can I still become a police officer?

Hi everyone, when i was 14 I was detained because I went into a house with the intentions of stealing which now i know is a burglary 3rd degree. I was brought down to the police stations and asked a bunch a questions. Thankfully my dad knew the owner of the apartment so no charges were pressed and i was released right after they finished questioning me. Recently i went to the courthouse and ask to see my record which I'm guessing is an arrest record not criminal since i was never convicted but the officer said it was sealed. Now i have turned my whole life around and hope to pursue a career in law enforcement. Right now I'm in my senior year of high school and just finished doing an internship in the youth police academy offered through my high school that's run by 4 detectives in my county. After high school i plan on going to a community college and minoring in criminal justice and then transferring to a 4 year school and majoring in marketing. After earning my bachelors i plan on joining either the air force or army for 4 years and then apply to become a police officer. I was just wondering before i do any of that, what are my chances?

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    Getting police officer jobs is becoming more and more competitive. Any red flags can hurt your chances of getting hired. However, it is possible that you can become a police officer. It is better that this happened when you were 14 as opposed to 17 or 18. It is better that you weren't charged as opposed to having been charged. According to what you wrote, more than 10 years will have passed by the time you start applying for police officer jobs. It is great that you plan on getting a college degree. Getting a college degree is one of the best things that you can do if you want to become a police officer. However, many people would suggest choosing a major other than criminal justice. There are many good majors for police officers and people that want to become police officers. Accounting, communications, computer science, a foreign language, and psychology are some examples. Whatever major you choose, make the most of your time and money. Get the highest grade point average that you can. Participate in a couple extracurricular activities. Consider trying to get an internship with a police department. Consider doing some regular volunteer work. Don't do anything illegal, and maintain a good reputation. Joining the military might also be a good idea. Being a veteran can help you get police officer jobs. Best of luck!

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    Yes-Most of the Police Departments for the period of the US best require a High School and in a few circumstances a Two Year AA or AS Degree. Criminal Justice and different levels are well and can provide you a few nice perception and help referring to the regulation enforcement neighborhood. But it's my opinion that having an English Degree might be quite an potential over different levels. Every town, county, state, and federal regulation enforcement company has there possess designated algorithm, legislation, and approaches referring to that designated company and/or jurisdiction. A key detail in any effective regulation enforcement profession is the capacity for that individual to be capable to converse each orally and in writing. Professional displays and competently written correspondence is a key detail in any development in any regulation enforcement profession.

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    Source(s): ....I am a retired police officer. I retired as a sergeant, after 29 years, from a very large department, about 12,000 officers. I was a patrol officer for 4 years in a very diverse area. I was a tactical officer in the high rise project areas of my city. We called it vertical patrol in that we walked the the stairways of the high rises most of the time. I did that for 5 years and was promoted by test to detective. I worked violent crime (homicide, sex, officer involved shootings, robbery, kidnapping, serious non property incidents) for 11 years until I was promoted to sergeant. I worked as a street supervisor, a bicycle patrol supervisor and a desk sergeant/watch commander. During my time as a tactical officer and a detective I was a unit representative for the police union. I have a B.A in English and an M.S. in Law Enforcement Administration....
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