How can I get to know this guy better?

Well okay, I went to my friend's party yesterday. We're all sophmores in high school.

Anyways, there was this guy that came and he was really cute. I saw him a lot at school and I've always thought he was cute but I never thought anything about it. Then I guess being in the same room with him kind of caused an attraction to him.

He seemed really shy around me, and I saw him looking at me a lot. We never got to talk though :( I guess we were both too shy or i dont know.

But anyways, when I was leaving, I was walking through the living room (there was no one else around, everyone was outside) and anyways when I was walking I saw him coming down the stairs and he looked at me and said "Bye Aly!"

I got so many butterflies...I didn't even know he knew my name! :) ahah so what is a way that I can start to get to know him without seeming desperate?

I have no classes with him, but we do have mutual friends. and this is the last week of school so I dont know how i can get to know him and stuff :( advice?

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  • M.A.K
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    9 years ago
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    My last day of sophmore year was today. AH! Juniors. D:

    Desperate? It's the last few days of school, go for it. Ask him for his number, that won't hurt...or add him on facebook. Don't be shy, get to know him! Hang out with your friend and hope she invites him again.(;

    Source(s): This answer sucks, sorry in advance.
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