What was he thinking when...? (guys??)?

...he met my dad.

My dad came to visit me in Hawaii, and while he was here, we ran into the guy that I like ('Chad') twice. The first time we ran in to 'Chad' I introduced him to my dad and my sister. It seemed to go well, but we were on our way to the beach, so the conversation was not long, and at the time my dad did not know that I had feelings for Chad.

The second time, Chad went out of his way, across a busy room, to shake my dad's hand and have another brief conversation.

Chad has shown signs of liking me, lots of flirtatious stuff, we've both tripped in front of each other, spewed water, etc, the fun embarrassing stuff, but he's showed a small level of pursuit as well.

I'd really like to hear some mens opinions on what could possibly be going through Chad's head in meeting my dad?

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  • 9 years ago
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    he defenitly wants to date you. he wants a relationship not a fling. he wanted to make a good impression on your dad so he went out of his way to talk to him and get to know him. ask him out. too many guys are afraid to ask out girls so a girl doing it first is like a godsend.

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