Why does Michigan offer a bigger refund when recycling glass bottles?

10 cents compared to 5 cents in a few other States. How come?

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  • 9 years ago
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    The state passed a law that mandates that it will be 10 cents.

    Here in California, it is 5 cents, but it is a refund on a fee that you pay when you buy the soda. When you buy a 12 pack, for example, there is a second line item on your receipt - You pay 5 cents additional per container (on your receipt, it is called CRV, for California Redemption Value.) When you tale the can to the recycler, you are getting your 5 cents back. I assume that Michigan has a similar system.

    To prevent people from bringing cans from out of state, the refund is only given for containers that actually say 'CALIFORNIA CRV' on them.

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