vegetarian eating diet tips?

I have been a vegetarian for about a year now and am finding that a lot of the vegetarians around me are overweight. I am also finding that good vegetarian are not easy to find in most restaurants. So mostly I cook at home and I was wondering if the community could shares tips and ideas for maximum veggie diet health. I do not like mock meats as they are all highly processed and contain WAY to much starch a lot of the. I have used tempeh, tofu, and quinoa and like all three great.

Thanks so much!

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    9 years ago
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    cut the following out of your meals and snacks:all foods made with potatoes,

    all foods and drinks made with white sugar,all foods and drinks made with

    brown sugar,and all foods and drinks made with white more leafy green

    vegetables,more fruits,more whole grains,and more water.

    happy cow has healthy vegetarian and vegan recipes at

    vegetarian times also has healthy recipes at

    the raw vegan christian organization hallelujah acres

    diet & lifestyle has healthy recipes at

    for information on raw vegan dessert recipes

    go to

    happy cow has information on alternatives to

    fast food restaurants at

    for information on vegetarian and vegan options at fast food restaurants go to

    and also try

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    9 years ago

    Your diet has a much bigger impact on weight control than exercise. Sorry to the person above, but cutting out all of those things is a bit strict and off-putting for most people, although I am sure it is much healthier.

    I have also been a vegetarian for about a year. Eating out is tricky because some places do not have a single item on their menu without meat/poultry/fish in it (depending on what you personally choose to eat). Pasta dishes and salads can easily be modified to include no meat and more veggies. Many places also have veggie burgers or portabella caps in place of burgers.

    At home, focus on grains and veggies, but definitely eat fruit and dairy (if that's your thing). Grains have come into a bad reputation, but a good brown rice or quinoa (yum!) or pasta is a nice meal base. Stir-fry is my favorite veggie cooking method, and tofu can easily be added into that. I don't know if beans are your thing, but they are also great bases but need a flavoring. Don't feel the need to eat salad everyday either.

    Don't worry! Eat decent portions of a variety of vegetables including different colors and families (leaf, fruit, root), and eat less processed grains (not white rice or white pasta, but they are certainly fine in moderation). Fruits and dairy are still important, so eat those often, too. You will be just fine.

    ENJOY YOUR FOOD! Most importantly, make sure it tastes good because that makes everyone happy.

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    4 years ago

    You're going to desire a protein substitute along with your foods. In actual fact lentils, all different types of beans (together with tinned beans), chickpeas and so on. I most of the time cook up these crimson lentils when you consider that they dont have got to be soaked in the past so it is particularly handy. They may be able to be delivered to any dish- curry, pasta, potato they usually style first-rate. Additionally a supply of iron will be rather major. The quality factor is spinach particularly the frozen variety in cubes so you could jus throw just a few in with some thing your eating. I put it on pizzas and omlettes and it would not style horrible like all people thinks! Brocolli and different dark green greens are also good sources. It is now not rough to be a vegetarian and no longer high priced both- seem up recipes online and get started!

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    lol the vegetarians that are fat dont work out. you cant just eat right you have to work out! and just forget the meat. personally i eat turkey but if you cant find something that suits you then drop it

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