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I need help picking out a saddle!?

I have an older TB gelding with prominent withers. I am looking to buy a saddle that will fit him properly that I can also use on my next horse. I was looking into buying the Bates hunter jumper saddle with the easy change gullet system but I don't know much about the Bates saddles. I mostly ride in a Pessoa or an Equilibrium. I love love love the Pessoa but I want an easy change gullet system and I don't want to pay over $1500. Any suggestions or know anything about the Bates saddles??


I'm not much for Wintec saddles. I would like something leather. What about the Circuit Elite Saddle with RTF?

Update 2:

Or maybe the Pessoa Gen X Elite XCH Saddle?

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    The gullet system is not a necessity. They really aren't that helpful no matter how much the companies say they are. I ride at least a few different horses a day and I have never used my gullet change system. I have it set for wide and if i have a more narrow horse I throw a gel pad under my saddle. Buy a pessoa that will fit your horses when they are muscled up and buy a wither pad. I don't know how much you do with your horses, but there shouldn't be that much of a change when they are muscled up and in shape, and when they're not. (unless you're training for third level dressage, serious eventing, or 3'6"+ jumping there usually wouldn't be a huge change.) I have heard good things about bates...and they seem okay, but i don't know anyone who has one and I am skeptical because they have not been good quality in the past.

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    Try looking at a Wintec. They have a changable gullet system as well as being easier to clean then other saddles. Generally last longer too if you take care of them. I also have a older TB with prominent withers and a wintec is one of a few brands that fit him well.

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    Wintec's have a wide range of saddles some to fit horses with high or low withers. they are reasonably cheap, and there great quality

    Source(s): Experiance with weird shaped horses
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    Look on ebay! I found my Pessoa Gen X XCH for $800, it's basically new condition.

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