What does my,dream mean ?

Last night i had this creepy dream that i was in the huge house with like two pools and my sister and i went in the basement and saw a black box she ran up the stairs and the power went out and it swicthed to a different dream instead it was an old house in like the 1940s and i went in the basement and say a black box and i opend it and a girl about fourteen yr old girl she had black hair and pale and so i took her out od the box and took it up stairs and gave it to my sister and she slept in side the coffin or box and they swicthed places so then the dead girl was following me every were. So what does my dream mean

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    It probably means that s pectre is following/trying to contact u or something. it sounds like a vammpire girl in that box so ...

    u need an expert

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