In your experience, will you ever love someone as much as your first love? What do I do here?

My ex and I dated for around 3 years. He was my first love and we were practically inseparable. We're both with other people now and we've both been in these new relationships for about a year. Thanks to drunkenness I confessed that I love my new partner and we have an amazing time together, but its not nearly as strong as what he and I had and he confessed that he felt the same way about me. Seeing him was almost like we had never spent a day apart even though we had been separated for almost 2 years.

Hanging out with him was very comfortable and very difficult because the whole time we both just wanted to hold each other.

I didn't think it was possible to be in love with two people, but at this point I honestly think I am. I know the right thing to do here is stay with my current love because this relationship has not been tainted by any hurt, but I'm just wondering if anyone ever loves anyone as strongly as their first love. I know all relationships are different, but if I continue in this new relationship will the love grow or will I always be pining over my ex?

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  • 9 years ago
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    .Jen no matter how you cut it.You and your ex reached the parting of the ways.Does matter why this happened.Now he's part of history.Don't ruin a great romance over something so trivial as yesterday. You've moved on.Turning back would be a disaster

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