my friend has an eating disorder started doing drugs and is sleeping with someone?

my best friend had an eating disorder for two years she told me about it and i did all i could to help her and i talked to many people to find something she can go to for help i found the school counselor that i thought would be great and help her a lot on her recovery and she said she would go but never went. so i figured i couldn't do anything else and i just kept a very close eye on her and talked to her about it when i felt necessary. '

She was doing fine untill she cheated on her boyfriend and they broke up now she tells me that shes fine but im hearing from every body even another one of our close friends that she is sleeping with someone and started doing drugs and shes not tellling me, she told strangers and not her best friend.

should i pretend i dont know and wait until she's willing to look for help> i think this is good because i have to much to worry about my self and i can only do so much she has to be willing to help her self. or should i tell her that i know already and tell her that she needs to get help


before i found out she was doing drugs from my other close friend i suspected she was doing drugs because of the people she recently started hanging out with. it casually came up in conversation and she told me straight to my face that she doesnt smoke. Right now im pretending like i don't know anything and im pretty much a mess because i hate to see her go down like this this is all the things she said she would never do. and shes ditching me a lot.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Your a very smart girl. I think you have this under control. Life is hard so you need to worry about yourself and not others. I would tell her you know and you want to try and help, but if she fails to meet you halt way just do what is best for you.

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    4 years ago

    I used to be bulemic from the time I was once 14. Stop at the same time you are forward. My heart goes out to you. You might be establishing a deadly harmful cycle that quite has nothing to do with food. It is about how you think about your self. 1. You can not measure your self valued at by means of what a man- who's at your age still a child, thinks about you. -you might be helpful! 2. You're mom and dad love you. They'd be very involved in the event that they learn this. 3. Emerge as your possess cheer chief. Deal with yourself as specified & as principal as cheering on a football staff. My mom pulled me out of the squad when I was once 15- I inspiration it was the top of the world 4. You are little cousin is simply doing what little cousin are speculated to do. Lighten up! 5. Stay off the dimensions! It'll drive you crazy- most likely. 6. You are not gettin fatter through the 2nd- its all for your head. When I look again at pix of myself once I was a teenager throwing up my meals thinking I was fats, I realise I used to be now not fat in any respect. Just had really low self-worth & a distorted thought of what I appeared like. 7. Loss of life will not clear up whatever, so dont ever say that again. 8. Discontinue sabotaging yourself with pizza & tacos. Devour healthful. Even though you've a piece of pizza with a salad. Or a taco or two with a salad. Who throws up veggies & fruits and healthy meals? Nobody. 9. Stop stressful about what guys think. No one can love you or suppose you're 'sizzling' in case you dont love yourself. 10. Now not a dogon thing is fallacious with u. Cherished please, i urge you- No more throwing up your meals! I have tears in my eyes typing this considering i know the place you're & the place you are heading if you hold that up.

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    i would suggest bringing it up, and if she isn't ready yet to admit that she has a problem, then trying to help will not be of much impact. but contuniue to bring it up, and if neessary, make it so she has to make a big descision, like, threat that you'll stop hanging out with her if she doesn't stop. or something that will give her a huge descision. once she's ready for help, then make sure you're there for her, and always be there for her for support.

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  • 9 years ago

    If she wants help shell get it

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