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how to do my back handpspring?!?

try outs are tuesday,wednesday&thursday.. ITS MONDAY! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! How do i get up the nerve to do it?! im so scared.. i got it on the tramploine but im scared to do it on the ground.. how do i get up the nerve? and what are the steps?


is it easier running and doing a round offf handpspring? or standing?

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    You have it on the trampoline. You just need a spotter to help you move it to the ground.

    Basically, you do a little sit (not deep), then all at once, jump up and back while throwing your hands over your head. Let your hands touch and flip over.

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    9 years ago

    Actually it's SUNDAY! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    And go on the grass, if the soil under the grass is moist ground. That or if you have any mats, or if you have carpet flooring, put a blanket on it and try it on there.

    And if you know how to do it on the trampoline, you do the same steps of the ground, just without bouncing.

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    have someone spot you and do it on soft spot, like the rug or grass. try to do a lot of back bends so you can be prepared for half the back handspring, cous that's getting you used to going to the ground.

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