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Suggestions for a good airsoft sniper-rifle class?

I need a good sniper rifle class i would like to have at least a sniper rifle a good pistol and a ghille suit possibly or something to camouflage me. I would like a affordable gear like $200 for a gun is probably to much. Any other thing to buy or get that will help me or complete set?

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    airsoftmegastore is good but has a small section for snipers. I recommend using large section of snipers and great pistols ghille suits are there to!

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    I reccomend browsing

    They have an excellent selection of all kinds of airsoft guns, and I love checking out the sniper rifles.

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    5 years ago

    Get a kwa cqr mod 1 or 2. Mod 1 has longer barrell and 2 has shorter barrell. Then get a battery and smart charger and a red dot scope a d foregrip. That will be right around $250.

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