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How bad is Toyota Park ? Is summer-bash worth it?

Ok, so me and my friend wanted to go to summer bash but her parents won't let her go without an adult. My parents don't care but i've never been to Toyota Park. She said that there's a bunch of drunk people and it's dangerous at night. I don't know, is it ?? We are both 15. I could try and see what I can do about someone coming with us but my mom already offered us rides there and back and we live about an hr away so I don't think she'll budge. Is it worth it though ? I was just thinking in telling her if she wanted to see the cubs-white sox game instead.

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    The areas decent, but you'll be inside Toyota so there's nothing to worry about. I used to go all the time when I was younger, my first time being 11. Tell her parents to get their heads out of their asses and to not be such uptight suburbians.

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    The area of the b bash is family oriented and if your mom is picking you up it shouldn't be a problem. I have a 14 year old son and to be honest I'd rather he go to the b bash. There are gonna be a lot more rowdy drunk people at the cubs soxs game, and I say this from experience

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    It's in the town of Bridgeview at about 71st and Harlem. The area is pretty decent. A lot of single family homes, filled with good people.

    Personally, I believe 15 is too young for most areas. It might be OK if your Mom drops you off and you and your friend each have their own cell phone.

    It is a fun time. A wide variety of things to do.

    .As always I'm sure there will be a huge police presence.

    Source(s): I live about 2 miles north of the park, in Summit.
  • I think 15 is a bit young anyways. It's not in the BEST area, but if she's picking you up and dropping you off that shouldnt be an issue. I would say go to the baseball game instead.

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    bad, it's not worth it...

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