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My dog has a lump in her belly and its getting a lot bigger as the days go by...?

I adopted a dog about 2 or 3 years old a month ago. I've not been able to get her spayed or neutered yet because of finanaces but I was going to take her thursday to a low cost spay clinic to get spayed and her vaccines. Well the other day I noticed a lump on her belly that is really soft it was about the size of a golf ball and now its covering half her belly. I have absolutely no money ... (lost my job after I adopted her) besides what I have saved for the low cost spay clinic. I was hoping when I take her thursday when they spay her since they will be where her belly is..they could tell me what it was, but I don't know. I have no money and I don't want my baby to die if it's cancer. I just am so scared and have no idea what to do...


she's had puppies, too. :(

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    you need to have her checked out by a vet. If it's getting big that fast it's probably not cancer. maybe an infection like a boil. probably they will lance it. open it so it will drain. and give you some medicine for it. but it will cost money. your dog could die from an infection if it's not treated

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    I'm thinking your dog has a tumor just by what you are describing. I understand about not having the money to pay a doctor so I sugest that you contact the humane society or the aspca. Talk to them and let them know about your animal and your finacial situation. They might give you a contact number for some one that would do it for free or make you an offer to have them do something and let you pay on time.

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    Just ask for help from it family.

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