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Summer BucketList..(:?

Okay.. So im finishing up my summer bucket list but I still need like 30-40 more!! I want fun things cool things for ex. On my list I have

race shoppin carts

put things inside a stangers cart..

Ask random people for there autograph

Crash a kids birthday party..

I already crashed a kids party.. And so I just Want REALISTIC things that I can do .. You know ? Like have fun and be a kid ! Things you would see in movies! Nothing like go to another state .. Things I can do with friends and don't cost much!! Please help me.. You don't need my age because this summer I'm all ages idgaf ! Okay so go crazy

& I'm not shy & in really outgoing, & I'll be visitin some of my g'd up cousins who will do almost anything with me !! Help go pleas fast now!! Thanks:*

~Have a nice Summer babes!!!

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    1. Go for a walk/run/jog in the woods/park.

    2. Get some chalk. Play hopscotch and draw.

    3. Read a good book in a hammock.

    4. Go on a nature hike.

    5. Play some tennis/basketball/badminton.

    6. Go to a farmers’ market. Buy at least one weird thing you’ve never eaten before.

    7. Have a water balloon toss or fight. Whichever you prefer.

    8. Go to a yoga class.

    9. Go on a bike ride.

    10. Make a nature photo collage.

    11. See how many laps you can swim in a row. Keep practicing. Then see how many you can do by the end of the summer.

    12. Look at stars one night.

    13. Play Bingo with the old folks (never admit it when you won, or give winnings to the person sitting beside you. It’s not nice to take from the old people)

    14. Write a novel/short story. Base it on true events or just completely make it up. You can even write about things that you wish would happen in your life.

    15. Convince a random person that you’re their long-lost third cousin.

    16. Write messages on note cards. Stick the note cards in balloons and blow them up. Hang the balloons on friends/neighbors porches. When they pop the balloon they read the secret message

    17 Pick wild flowers and then play ding-dong-ditch, leaving the bouquets on people’s doorsteps. It will brighten their day (or leave ones with bugs in them on people’s doorsteps that you don’t like.

    18. Take dog for walk and runs.

    19. Have a Nerf gunfight.

    20. Have a picnic.

    21. Have an overnight movie marathon.

    22. Buy and use and develop an underwater camera.

    23. Sketch a flower.

    24. Bury a friend in the sand.

    25. Go fishing.

    26. Sleep in your backyard.

    27. Create a photo journal.

    28. Write a play.

    29. Make green eggs and ham.

    30. Sketch your pet.

    31. Have a high tea, only use iced-teas.

    32. Watch the sunrise.

    33. Watch the sunset.

    34. Make a collage out of old magazines.

    35. Swing.

    36. Skip stones at a lake.

    37. Give your dog/pet a bath outside.

    38. Leave notes in library books for the next person to find.

    39. Run through a sprinkler.

    40. Sleep until noon – once.

    41. Tie-dye your bed sheets.

    42. See some fireworks.

    43. See a professional baseball game. Cough cough Cubs.

    44. Play mini-golf.

    45.Get together with some friends and make a movie. Don’t forget to write a script, make costumes and pick the best location.

    46. Leave initials (and possibly hand print) in wet concrete.

    47. Go to the zoo.

    48. Spend an entire day in a grocery store

    49. Play Tag In The Rain.

    50. Get Bikes.

    51. Bike five miles.

    52. Go to the YMCA.

    53. Write a complaint/satisfaction letter, just to get free stuff.

    54. Go to Quincy.

    55. Fill up a whole coloring book.

    56. Destroy a watermelon.

    57. Hang out with friends.

    58. Learn a new hobby.

    59. READ books.

    60. Go to the library.

    61. Stand in 2 different states at once.

    62. Go to build-a-bear.

    63. Stay outside for 12 hours straight.

    64. Legitimate photo shoot.

    65. Celebrate a foreign holiday the way the natives do.

    66. Get a tan tattoo.

    67. Convince someone you’re from a foreign country.

    68. Wake up every morning before 9:00 a.m.

    69. Water fight. Including but not limited to: balloons, guns, hoses, and buckets.

    70. Superglue a quarter to the ground.

    71. Bake Dog Treats.

    72. Go 24 hours without food.

    73. Write a note on a stranger’s windshield with dry-erase marker.

    74. enter a photo contest.

    75. Buy a goldfish.

    76. Answer phones like buddy the elf.

    77. Bake a batch of really cute cupcakes.

    78. Go a whole week without technology.

    79. Watch a meteor shower (Aug. 13).

    80. Write a letter to the editor.

    81. Pick an official summer song.

    82. Go To An Outdoor Concert.

    83. Mow the Lawn.

    84. Plant something edible.

    85. Spend one whole day barefoot.

    86. Help an old lady cross the street.

    87. Create something made out of duct tape.

    88. Play tennis in the rain.

    89. Sleep in a car for a night.

    90. Go To A Fair.

    91. Watch a foreign film.

    92. Have everyone you meet for a day sign your shirt.

    93. Jump into a pool fully clothed.

    94. Carve your name into a tree.

    95. Stretch every day

    96. Go to an “Open Late” restaurant past midnight

    97. Continue into my journey of photography. Yes, this means experiment on Molly and nature, anything and everything.

    98. Buy Ice Cream From The Ice Cream Truck.

    99. Go to a midnight movie premiere

    100. Go a whole week without technology.

    101. Go 48 hours without shoes on.

    102. Face Paint.

    103. Go to an aquarium

    104. Eat Kabobs.

    105. Learn 10 new words. And actually use them.

    106. Go movie hopping.

    107. Cover a car in sticky notes.

    108. Build and start a campfire.

    109. Go Flower-Picking.

    110. Have a Disney movie marathon.

    111. No facebook for two weeks.

    112. Have A Spa Day.

    113. Make a time capsule to open after college graduation.

    114. Finger paint a picture and then frame it.

    115. Say ‘yes’ to everything for one day.

    116. Carve a watermelon.

    There are more on the website down below

    Happy summer


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    4 years ago

    1. Sneak out for the primary time. 2. Go tanning. Three. See a live performance with my buddies. Four. Be taught the words to my favorite songs. 5. I wish to bake cookies as well, I consistently fail. 6. Go external a lot more. 7. Be a lot more social. 8. Read a good booklet. 9. Act ridiculous in public. 10. Discuss with Cedar factor with my buddies. 11. Persuade my mom to let my sisters take me to the Warped Tour in Detroit.

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