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Should I get a nose piercing?

Hi, I am 14 years old and this summer I am thinking of getting my nose pierced, nothing too drastic, just a tiny stud. I am Indian, so getting your nose pierced is also considered cultural, which is why my parents are okay with it. However, I don't care about what others think, but I am applying for this volunteer position at this local hospital (it's very hard to get in to, I had to go through a 6-9 month waiting list, then I had to write an essay and get chosen) and I'm afraid that if I have my nose pierced, then at the interview in August I won't be accept. Do you think getting a nose stud will affect whether or not people hire me for future jobs or positions?

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    If you get it done now, it will be healed by the time the program starts so you would be able to take it out while you are volunteering. You can always ask them when youre accepted if piercings are allowed. You may be able to wear it. Good luck!!

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    I have my nose pierced currently and i am turning 17 this year. I have a ring in and you can always get a clear stud or a really small one that isn't noticeable.

    This shouldn't affect you getting a job but you can always take it out if need be.

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    No don't worry about it. A nose piercing will NOT affect you getting into jobs, a lot of people have nose piercings and they have good jobs, trust me it's not a big deal.

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    It shouldn't affect if you get the job or not because like you said it is apart of your culture. But if you are questioning yourself about it do the piercing after the interview instead of before.

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    I would wait. If I would get my nose pierced i would probably regret it when i'm older because some people get a scar and believe me, it's not pretty

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    nose piercing usually is not an issue

    usually it is more about lips and the eyebrow

    but it is summer n swimming time i would wait until the winter came

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