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how to rid of period pains fast?

I have school tomorrow, i've just woken up with really bad period pains, i've taken my perscribed medication for it (mefenemic acid) but i know that this is going to get worse before it gets better (i usually end up curled in a ball crying :l) I need fast ways of easing the pain please?! :(

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    I've interviewed hundreds of women about cramps and I can tell you what they did the most and what worked best for them.

    If your prescription meds aren't helping I doubt if any OTC meds would help either, plus taking them on top of the others is not a good idea so I'll suggest these home remedies.

    Heat: Heating pads, hot water bottles, heat patches (Therma Care, Allay), hot bath/shower (bath preferred), anyway you can think of to get heat on your belly. I had some girls who even put their laptop on their belly.

    Cold: Ice packs, ice bags, ice cubes wrapped in a washcloth or even a bag of frozen vegetables (most used). Ice wasn't a favorite except with girls with severe cramps and nothing else would work but ice.

    Exercise: MILD is the key word here. Something easy like stretching, Yoga, walking, really anything to get your abdominal area moving gently can help.

    Pressure: Many girls said this worked well. Usually laying on your back, relax your belly and press as deep as you can. Most massaged it at the same time. Some placed weights of some kind in it so they didn't have to push. Or, some preferred to lay on their belly on something like a pillow, rolled up towel or blanket, a ball, even their own hands. Anything to add pressure to their belly.

    Ointments: Balms like Tiger Balm, Icy Hot, Ben Gay, etc. There are many on the market for pain relief. Just be sure if you try these you test them on a small area of skin before you rub them on your belly in case of skin irritation.

    Food/Drinks: Foods high in potassium like bananas and prunes can help with cramping or drinking hot tea (most popular were herbal teas like chamomile or peppermint) but any tea can help. I had some girls say even coffee and hot chocolate helped them. Try and stay away from greasy, salty and heavy foods on your period as they can cause bloating which will only make your belly feel worse and you don't need that...lol.

    Of course there's always BCP which most girls said stopped their cramps but I realize this is not for everyone but I thought it should be mentioned.

    Sorry your cramps are so bad tonight. Hope they feel better in the morning and maybe you'll find something in here to ease them some. Good luck! :)

    Source(s): Numerous in depth surveys on menstrual cramps.
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    Put a cold flannel on your fore head, strip down into minimum clothing and place a hot water bottle on the lower part of your stomach and lay flat in bed and lay still, Remember to lay still and close your eyes. Dont let the pain take control of you just handle it and lay still.

    If these period pains persist ask you mum/dad to book you an appointment with your doctor to put you on the contraceptive pill it will regulate your periods make them lighter and stop bad cramps.

    Ive been through it all before babe i know how it feels its the worst feeling i am now on the yasmin pill and it has really helped me.

    Source(s): Experience
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    Warm water bottle on lower stomach, dark chocolate, bananas. Good luck(:

    Source(s): thank god i dont get cramps.
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    it sucks...if the NSAID is not working, then I'd resort to eating chocolate.

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