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Mini Rex or Lionhead rabbit?

Should I get a mini Rex bunny or a lionhead bunny? My neighbors raise both and have a litter of mini Rex bunnies ready to go & will have a litter of lionhead bunnies ready in a month. I already have a 2 year old male indoor lionhead/mini Rex mix. I'm getting him neutered in a month. I want a friendly, cute bunny that can bond with my other rabbit. So should I get a mini Rex or wait and get a lionhead?

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    I have a male lion head rabbit, about a year old. He is a very sweet rabbit and gets along great with my other rabbit. I have had no problems with his temperament at all.

  • rollie
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    4 years ago

    Mini Rex Lionhead Mix Bunnies

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    Op is a BYB selling ill bred rabbits. They are clearly breeding them and selling them and care little for the rabbits, just for the money they can make off of them.

    Rabbits are right behind dogs and cats when it comes to being destroyed at shelters and people like OP add to that number with their geed

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    In my opinion I think lion head are just adorable! A family member of mine had one and it was a gentle loving creature and was great with other bunnies.

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    Loinheads are adorable, but I've never had one. I have had a Mini Rex and he was wonderful, housebroken, sweet and loved my cats and dog.

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    Out of curiosity, which is bigger? the mini rex or the lion head?

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    4 years ago

    I want to find out more about this too

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