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is fossil fuel the same as gasoline per-say?

it is right o_0 i only ask because im writing a paper and my teacher can get a little unreasonable

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    Well stated, VR. Gasoline is A fossil fuel, but all fossil fuels aren't gasoline. Fossil fuel is a broad category into which other compounds fit. Any current day petroleum distillate that is comprised of what used to be organic matter millions of years ago is a fossil fuel. If you're looking for synonyms, then a quick internet search will yield some, but to really understand this subject, you might like to try browsing wiki amongst other sites. The more you acquaint yourself with this matter, the better off your paper will be.

    Source(s): The word per-se means "by itself" in latin. per-say doesn't exist.
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    Gasoline, diesel, natural gas, coal, kerosene, naphtha, furnace oil are all fossil fuels. So gas is a fossil fuel, fossil fuel is not gasoline.

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