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Weave/Extensions Cost ? (Relaxed Hair)?

Im 15 and I have relaxed hair . I am mixed , but i only got my hair relaxed like 3 times a year. My hair was always growing out and looking bad , so one day i just decided to stop straightening my hair & i was going to quit relaxers. Now its realllly * Curly, more than someone with a relaxer should (almost like my old hair) The only problem is , everyone has lonnngggg pretty straight hair and i have frizzy curly hair . So i want to go back to relaxed hair , but with extensions or weave in the underneath part.

When relaxed my hair is super straight and nice, but its a little longer than shoulder length. How much would it cost to get extensions or weave that go past my boobs .

What kind of hair should i get ? and which is the best techinque to put it in ?

Thank you for everything (:

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    well i bought remy euronet extensions from sally beauty for about $100 ive had them over a year. i dont wear them everyday and they still look good. they are real hair. mine are really long but not quite as long as what you mentioned. you clip them in yourself. it is very easy. hope this helps

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    You can do whatever U want with HUMAN HAIR extensions. For example, I personally use Goddess Remy (straight hair) and I chose to perm it (made the hair naturally curly). I did this because I wanted a certain curly hair look that the stores did not carry. After about 2 months, I decided that I wanted to go back to the straight look. Without purchasing new hair, I used another perm kit (making the hair bone straight again). It worked great, either way, whether going naturally curly or straight. I advise you to only do this with remy hair or virgin remy hair because with the cheaper brands, your end result may be all bad. But other than that, my end results were great. I got many compliments on the curly and straight hair look. Good luck...

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    It depends what kind of extensions. There are clip in extensions which are pretty cheap. anywhere from $70-200. Glue in extensions will cost you alot more, almost in the thousands range. Remi is the best because the strands go the same way.

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    Well u should get Indian remi hair, it's a bit pricy so idk how ur budget is. U can cut it to the length u want. I recommend a professional puts them in.

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