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Help making a presentation on why I should get a dog?

I'm a very mature 13 year old girl. I am going to be saving up 2500 dollars in the next year so I can purchase a small female Yorkshire terrier from a reputable breeder. But first I need to convince my parents to allow me to have one! I want to know :

1) what to include

2) how to design it

3) and whatever other suggestions you have!

Please tell me if you have done this and what your outcome is

Do not say if I need to save up now I cannot afford it. By the time I purchase my puppy, I will be old enough to have a part time job and a steady income.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    first you need to show all the good points

    -friend for life(literally once you have bonded with them they will protect you,help you and guard the house)

    -they are really fun to have around and if any of your family are lazy they can have exersize by walking the dog

    -never stop loving you and when you feel lonely they are like the best thing to have around

    then show your mature enough by doing chores around the house and do well at school to make them feel like your ready.also try and find facts about Yorkshire terriors and what they like/dislike

    the bad points but how they can be avoided such as

    problem:they poo around the house

    solution:offer to house train them

    problem:could be an unfriendly dog

    solution:suggest taking a class which helps to calm dogs down

    and finally try to make your presentation look nice and mature then ask what your friends think about it to see if it needs improving.

  • Trixie
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    9 years ago

    Just remember that the dog can cost $1000 EVERY year in medical needs, and you will need a plan for someone to care for the dog while you're at school. Explain how you will meet her financial needs for the next 15 years while still saving for college/car and how you will have her cared for while you're at school (no, you can't just leave her home alone or with a parent to care for). Also explain that you will pay for and take her to obedience school every week, take her on a walk before and after school, train her each day and give her off leash play time in the yard each day (with you, not alone; dogs don't exercise themselves). Explain that you will keep up on your school and social activities at the same time. Also explain how you will pay for her food each week and socialize her weekly with other dogs.

    And for when you move out, give your plan for how you will take her with you to college.

  • 9 years ago

    Don't waste your time. Presentations are silly and immature. Be mature about it. Tell your parents that you'd like to get a dog and are willing to save your money until you have enough to purchase it yourself and for it's initial expenses. Don't pressure them for an answer - just let them think about it. Continue to save your money while they decide and that will show them that you're serious and this isn't just a whim

  • Morgan
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    9 years ago

    just go to the shelter and vollenteer so your patents relise that you really want a dog and are willing to feed water and clean up after a dog your pearents may let you pik out your favorite dog

    do not by from a breeder adopt a dog from the shelter hundreds of dogs are being put to sleep because shelters cant take care of that many dog so some dogs are given 3 days to get adoped and if they arent adopted they get put to sleep

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