I am having problems in my apartment?

Ok. I'm having problems with some guys in my backyard. I live in a horrible apartment, & unfortunately its just behind the backyard. They wont stop smoking & they wont leave. Now, I have kids in my house; which they get affected. They are always there. No matter how many times you tell them to leave, they wont leave. I tried to call the cops, but nothing seems to work. The house owner wont even do s*it.When I call the cops, they keep telling me to call 911. When, I call 911, nothing seems to happen. I just want these guys to stop coming into my backyard. Its a shame that they are 14 and 15 kinda age, and they smoke and drink. My mom tells them to leave, but instead they throw things and cuss at her. They are disrespectful and I just want to report them. I don't know where they keep coming from, but they wont seem to leave. I cant even sleep at night! They are drinking, laughing, and screaming at 1 am at night. I told owner, and the super but no. They wont do anything. I'm just really tired of this. This has been going on for at-least 2 years, but now it got worse than before.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Get some of their names and addresses. Then visit the parents. Often there is a grandmother or an uncle in the family if the parents aren't responsive. When someone within the family with authority speaks there is usually some resolution. Be courteous and respectful when you contact that person. Don't accuse anyone of anything but simply say how you feel when the kids are disrespectful and explain your situation.

    So, somebody in the area will know who these kids are and where they live. Pick your time wisely and locate the authority figure who can make things happen.

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    9 years ago

    Maybe you should move

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