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I have thin hair but would like to stop wearing wigs. I love Bantu Knots and cornrolls but have such thin hair?

I am the girl in the back...

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    go natural. your hair will grow so thick if you use protective hairstyling. youtube women whose hair has grown so thick for inspiration. they will all tell you the same thing that I am telling you right now. here are 6 things that you need to know to grow your own hair:

    1) stop cutting your hair, it won't grow if you cut it.

    2) moisturize your hair by using water (yes water is moisture but oil seals in moisture) every black women or women period with long hair use water despite many misconceptions that water is bad for our hair. Water and raw shea butter works miracle.

    3) Protective hairstyling is key to hair growth. Protective hairstyles are styles that protect the ends of your hair. if your ends are protected, you can see your hair growing and thicker and longer. (most black women with long hair will tell you this). this alone will grow your hair 6inches per year if done right.

    4) stay away from drying products in shampoos and conditioners. most conditioners claiming to thickens hair actually thins it. others claiming to moisture hair actually dries it. Even expensive conditioners are terrible. i suggest all natural hair products for cleaning your hair. if the product is organic then there is nothing in there to dry your hair.

    5) stop brushing and combing hair so often, your pulling out your hair. the less you manipulate your hair, the longer it grows. be very gentle with your hair.

    6) boosters: for fast result try biotin and b complex vitamins. for biotin use it at a low mcg to avoid acne.

    Source(s): research and black hair growth plus my own experience proves that this system works.
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    once I get previous, I plan to have a a hair restoration scientific care besides as a shitload of C02 Ablative lasers and botox haha. Madonna is previous and she or he nonetheless seems stable. i want to be like that.

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