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Dentist told me I have "cigarette" stains?

I recently went for my 6 month cleaning and fluoride treatment and my dentist said I have a black stain and asked me what this could be from. Then, he said I have another stain that looks like its from cigarettes and asked me if I smoked? I'm only 17 and maintain good oral heigene. I don't smoke, drink, or chew tobacco. I dont even drink soda lol just coffee, so why did he say I have these stains?

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    If you drink enough coffee, it can also stain your teeth. A way to prevent the staining if you do drink coffee, is by drinking it through a straw. That way, it doesn't touch your teeth.

  • Edward
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    9 years ago

    Coffee can stain your teeth in a similar way. Try brushing after the coffee, or chew some gum after. This will cut down on the staining.

  • 9 years ago

    Textbook wise, the stains look very similar. Be it soda, coffee, tobacco stains, etc. They all look relatively similar.

  • ?
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    9 years ago

    They could be tea stains???? Do you drink hot tea????

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