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Network cable unplugged? ?

When I start up my computer (dell Inspiron 600m) it says a network cable is unplugged. I cannot get on the Internet. I use wireless and it will not show any wireless routers, all it tells me is my network cable is unplugged! HELP PLEASE (:


-how do I download the latest drivers from dell??

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    If you can't see any wireless access points then there is either a faulty Wireless NIC or there is something wrong with the driver.

    Go to your computer icon and right click

    Click Manage

    Click Device Manager

    Go to Network Adapters on the right and look at the dropdown

    Do you see and yellow exclamation marks?

    If so go to those and right click and uninstall them and then reboot the computer

    The computer will re-add them on bootup. Hopefully correcting the issue.

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    Most probably your wireless drivers are missing. If i am right the icon would show a cross sign. download the latest drivers from dell using your laptop series number (inspiron 600m in this case).

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    Well of course your cable is unplugged, you said you're using a wireless connection - no wires! Reboot your modem and router, then try to connect again.

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