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My best friend doesn't speak to me anymore.?

Even though I know I'm the b**ch in this situation, I have a heart too, so just hear me out.

My best friend is a guy who I met at the beginning of this year. He liked me from the start. Liked me, a LOT. He even wrote a song for me. Because I liked him so much as a person, I thought I liked him romantically too, but after a brief kiss, I realized that I didn't. Sadly, this was his very first kiss. I'm sure this just made things worse for him. After we got through the initial 'I can't be in a relationship with you', things were pretty great. I loved hanging out with him and we became pretty close. After a while though, I could tell he was struggling because I had interest in other guys (I never talked about it to him, though) and because we were spending TOO much time together. He told me we needed to probably see each other less, and I agreed, but didn't think this would mean we wouldn't see each other at all.

Around this time I come to find out that at the beginning, when we first met, he told one of his friends who liked me to quote 'back off'. Unfortunately, this friend of his is one I had known for a year and..liked for a year. Once we both realized that the other had liked each other for so long, we got together. My best friend told him that he was angry at him, but he would get over it. And he said that he couldn't be my friend any more. Upon hearing this from my new bf, my heart was broken.

Now, it's summer, my ex boyfriend decided I was not a priority, most of my friends were through my best friend, and I miss him like crazy. I want to do something to make up. But I don't know how. I feel like I'm the bad guy here, and maybe I should just let him go the same time I just keep thinking about all the fun times we had and all we had planned for the summer.

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    lol yea, ik what I wrote is purty lengthy. Never thought it would be so much xD <3 <3

    People will come and go like seasons, that's one thing I learned. People also come into our lives to help us. Help us to see what kind of people we need, and what kind of people we don't. I have been in a situation quite similar to this and I can tell you, if he really is a GOOD best friend, he will return someday. Might not be tomorrow, or next month, but he will. I am pretty sure things are as hard for him as they are for you right now. Don't feel bad, your not the bad guy. Your best friend should understand, and hopefully he will eventually. And don't worry about the friends you made with through your best friend. They should remain your friends, if not, then, fk them! <3 Find something fun to do! Do you like creating, ik this cool website where u cn design ur own outfits, make dolls, art work and even interior design. Nope, its not kids stuff so if u do them u should check it out If you want someone to talk to you can email me Don't worry, you won't feel like the bad guy forever...soon you will be able to look bk at this with no emotions wts so ever.

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    Honestly, you cant change what happened or how it happened but remember that you along with the people it involves have to live with that decision too. It will find its way just be patient.

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