Periods are never regular?

Im 17 and had my first at 12.

Sometimes I can skip a month or it will be a week or two late.

The first 2 days are normal-heavy (not overly) and the rest of the week are very light.

Its never on time.

Im not on any medication at all and not* pregnant (impossible haha)

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  • 9 years ago
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    we (woman) are all have to find what your normal is...if this is normal for you..all is good. but remember excersize, diet, weight and stress all play an important role in our period. all 4 can effect your cycle. if you have been excersizing alot more than usual you can expect to miss..loss of weight and stress can also lead to inconsistancy in your cycle.but as you know, without my saying so,you should still discuss this with your doctor

  • 9 years ago

    sometimes they are just like that , go to the doctor if its that much of a problem

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