What happen to my movie order?

I ordered some movies online about two weeks ago. I was tracking the order online and it said it has been delivered throw USPS about five days ago, but i have not received anything

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    9 years ago
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    Contact the USPS. Look in the telephone book.

    Edited: In case you don't know if you want to do mail order business with a company go to the Better Business Bureau's website here and type in name, city, state or postal code of co. to see grades of companies:


    If they only have a phone # call to get co. name if not mentioned and all that from above ^^^. Don't give them your name or any info. if they ask you. If they say you must for some reason use a fake name for you, fake add., zip and phone #.

    Another site is the Utah Division of Consumer Protection at http://www.dcp.utah.gov/ On the bottom you can contact them by email, local (in state of Utah) telephone # or toll free.

    I would check with both companies before I got involved with any online or mail order businesses.

    If you still have a problem call the movie place. If still report them to either one of the companies and see what they can do.

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