My tongue has this cracking problem?

It starts to crack whenever I eat anything thats sort of... intense? idk, not mild flavors.

It's happened from eating:

*An iice freeze pop (cherry)

*Lemon cupcakes with strawberry malted milk balls on top w/lemon icing

* Falaffell with yogurt sauce

*hummus (only Sabara brand)

*Penn Station fries & Rueben sandwich (but I ate one yesterday with fries and cut out the ketchup and my tongue was fine.)

*Obviously... Ketchup.

and other things I can't remember right now...

I have pictures, if you'd prefer of a few times it's happened before.

I also do have an acid reflux problem and don't currently take anything for it.

or any other medication, except I have terrible anxiety and mild depression.

Just the occasional ibuprofen for headaches.


It also turns half white half red. white in the back and red in the front and there is usually a pretty obvious line.

1 Answer

  • 9 years ago

    Go to a doc

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