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3 days and I feel no better at all.?

My cat died a few days ago and I still don't feel a little better.

I can't stop picturing her when I last saw her as she was dying.

I hate my house cuz everything reminds me of her. I can still smell her and I break down.

She was the only thing in my life I had a very special bond with.

The loneliness is overwhelming me. I feel there was more i could have done. She was like my child. Its killing me knowing I will never see her face, hear her purr, have her rub my leg.

I can't talk to anyone I know about this, because they don't understand since they dont have pets they loved like this themselves. All they say is "stop dwelling on it" which adds to the lonliness I am feeling. They look at her as just some animal and to me she was so much more then that

I am trying to picture good memories but its really hard right now to smile or be happy.

how can I deal with this? I have never lost anything I actually loved, shes the first and I don't know what to do.

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    9 years ago
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    I know how you feel to loose something so precious. I'm sure she lived a very happy life having an owner who cared so much about her. You have already done everything that you could by making her live a happy life. Cats can only live for so long, there is nothing you could have done to change that. She will be resting peacefully after living a happy life. I'm sure she was proud to have such a good owner ^.^

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    Aww, so sorry to hear this, I understand completely. My cat Scruffy was 17 when he died a few months ago, and the pain was unbearable at first-but it eases with time, though I still think about him every day. What really helped me was making tributes to him-I did an online memorial, printed out pictures and made a photo scrapbook, I even made a journal detailing his life from infancy to death. Pouring my energy into those memories really helped to get through the sadness of his last days. Also, don't be afraid to seek out support from people who understand. You might check your local vet to see if they offer any pet bereavement services, mine actually has a group that meets once a month. The pain you feel is real, and it will get better, but for now you need to be around people who know that you didn't just lose an animal, but a true friend.

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    9 years ago

    When my dog died, I was surprised by the overwhelming feelings of grief and loss I felt. it was like I had lost my mom all over again. Most people don't realize how much losing a pet can hurt. Just remember that grief is an individual and unique process, and there isn't a "specific amount of time" that you should be sad until you "get over it". (However, if you are feeling signs of depression, tell a doctor).

    Although everyone deals with grief in their own unique way, remember to cry if you need to, try not to just push your emotions back down. It really does help to find a person to talk to. If you need to, you can even message me. :)

    Here's a site that might help:


    Source(s): I'm so sorry for your loss.
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