Whats the best starting off Rc stunt helicopter?

So I have been having these Rc helicopters that cant do flips or anything. I want to go up one step and get one that i can start flipping and other thing. please let me know. O and my price is max $150.

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    You can get the exceed x100 (or something like that) w/ devo 7 from www.xheli.com which is just a rebranded Walkera Genius CP. I believe it is 139.99 or 129.99 but it's $20 cheaper than the walkera branded version. I have a Walkera genius CP myself with the devo 7 which I have put about 200 flights on to with minimal parts breaking (boom, tail fin, tail blade, skids, and main blades, few linkages) considering the amount I have crashed it. You will be going brushless fairly soon if you are anything like me though as the stock motor bogs bad. I have the CO5 motor coming in another 3-4 days so I cannot comment personally on the improvement it makes.

    One thing I will mention is these micro collective pitch helis are not a replacement for more serious 3D helis. The genius is ok but my Trex 250SE is so much nicer, precise and still very durable.

    There is also the mcpx but you will need to but a tx separately putting it out of your budget. Solo pro 100D exists as well but seems to have questionable quality and support from nine eagles with a new model possibly coming out soon from them.

    Lots of info and help at www.helifreak.com

    Best of luck :-)


    Solo pro more popular than Genius??

    Solo pro 100D thread http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=14...

    Genius CP thread http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=14...

    101 vs 580 pages should speak for itself.

    I fail to see a section for anything Nine eagles on helifreak. *sarcasm on* I wonder why?? I know there's a section for the genius CP there though, must be just dumb luck!!! *sarcasm off*

    And cheapest parts from Alibaba?? Really??? I'm sorry but many vendors carry Genius CP parts which are good enough quality for a bird this size.





    And many more..

    Lets not spread misinformation now ;-)


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    Rc Helicopter Stunts

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    9 years ago

    I was going to recommend the Blade CPX, however the $150 dollar limit puts you at a SOLO PRO 100 or 180 RTF(Ready to fly) kit. Available at Hobbyking.com from 134-139 dollars. And, you still have 10 bucks left over to apply towards shipping.

    *note - I would not recommend you buy a genius or x100 only for the fact that Solo Pros are much more popular and therefore parts can be had at more competitive prices. If you choose a genius cp or x100 you will be tied to finding the cheapest parts at alibaba.com

    You can get more support at RCHUB.ME forums.

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    4 years ago

    I don't know if you imply stunts. Stunts are performed with the aid of "flyers" so its accomplished as a performance of more than one girl. For those who mean a transfer by and large you can do, i'd recommend cart wheels, round offs... They're the most easiest things I consider. Probably some hurkies

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