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After going through natural labor is it normal for the mother to be able to pass gas but not poop only Urin?

No crap for 3 dAys how many day can this last???Could it cause sharp pains in the lower areas or inner hip? Or is it the body moving back into place?

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  • Lisa
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    Before labor you body usually literally expels all the poop in preparation for labor...

    So after the birth it is very normal to not poop for a few days... The bowel is still moving slower than before pregnancy so that could be causing some discomfort...

    I recommend starting a stool softener (not a stimulant) like dulcolax or Phillips... It will relieve sme of the discomfort and ease the passing of stool while she heals...

  • Erika
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    4 years ago

    Find out if there's a birthing core close you. That is a distinct choice. All the facilities and freedom of a house delivery however support is near you probably have an emergency. Our clinic has it is possess individual birthing core that is a separate constructing from the relaxation of the clinic however has a tunnel underneath the road for use if there's an emergency. They have tremendous rooms which might be plenty like dwelling rooms. It's virtually similar to giving delivery at house however with a clinic regional and individuals there that recognise what they're doing in an emergency. Best of each worlds. They do not push epi's and you'll be able to stroll round and do anything you ought to do. Personally I might in no way deliver delivery at house. It's to detrimental as to many matters can pass incorrect. Also midwives aren't any in which close as regulated as OBs and a few have minimum education on hard work and supply. I plan on supplying certainly (no affliction killers) in a clinic subsequent time. I gave delivery to my first with an epidural, my moment my epidural obtained botched so it did not paintings proper and screwed up my again. I favored now not having the epidural since I can recollect the primary second's of her existence in which as with the epidural I are not able to recollect squat.

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