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I am writing a story about a girl who is in college and she is really happy and all but there is this girl named Rhonda who continuously bullies her. Rhonda hates the girl (amanda) because she is dating her ex boyfriend. What kind of things could Rhonda say to Amanda to make her fell bad?Amandaaisn'tt rich, sheisn'tt ugly and she is very smart but Rhonda is smarter and she is alsoreallyy rich.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Have them be in a verbal fight when Amanda tries standing up to Rhonda and says something teetering between mean and cheesy for a comeback. Have Rhonda be like: "Oh, thank god, for a second I though you were going to say something REALLY mean."

    "At least I don't go for used trash." Like, Rhonda's old trash, as in her ex bf.

    It's good to make Amanda be not completely flawless. Like, have her maybe have a secret that she's keeping from her boyfriend, and then have Rhonda find out and hold it over her. Have Amanda pluck up her courage and say "Why are you being such a *****?" and have Rhonda say something like "I may be a *****, but at least I'm not a liar."

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