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PC that is worth buying?

I want to buy a new PC but I don't know if its worth the price:

Here are my opinions about this computer to let you understand my needs:

I've heard that AMD FX-4100 is a good CPU and a lot of feedback was positive.

Geforce GT520 is a good graphic card in my opinion as I'm not a mega gamer so I don't need GTX and all that kind of stuff.

There is 8GB RAM which is really enough for this type of PC and also the motherboard is Gigabyte brand which is popular.

1TB of data which is a lot to hold all the stuff on.

Nice Gaming case with 2 fans on side and one on the front.

And the last thing is that it's 4.0GHz Quad which is amazingly big for such PC.

Oh and one thing that I'm not sure is PSU as it is listed but they haven't mentioned anything about it (Name/Brand) but I might buy new PSU after year anyway or so.

It's just that I need new PC fast as my old one is not functioning and please don't write that constructing own PC is cheaper as I know it is but for my old computer there is not enough space for good motherboard and the air ventilation is poor. I'm just looking for cheap PC up to £300, I know this costs £20 more but i think that this PC is worth the price.

Please add some suggestions or just leave it as it is so anyone else can read to find useful information and get advice from me, if they would like to buy this PC as well.


I will upgrade it after year or so (The PSU and Graphic Card) and I know that the motherboard doesn't have much in it but it is better than my previous in my opinion. And as I checked in the list of the CPU's, AMD FX-4100 is much better than my old processor which was Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300.

I know that some of you can say that Intel is better than AMD but I've heard a lot of positives from both of these brands. I will try to build my own computer when this computer comes as my old one had a bad case because it didn't have enough space for bigger motherboards and also didn't include many fans on it. I've also had lower card which was Geforce GT 220 and 4GB DDR2 Ram in my previous PC but I had it 4 years. I have my own Vista system that I can use 3 times and I've only wasted it for once so I don't need it and the cost of it is too expensive to buy as it costs £80.

Anyway, I bought the PC and I hope that it will follow my orders smoothly and quickly as

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  • andrew
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    9 years ago
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    Seems like a great price, especially to start out with. You can always upgrade the graphics card later if you need to (or the power supply like you said).

    The only thing i would say is that the motherboard seems to be slightly outdated... it only has 2 RAM slots and 2 USB ports. Also it has those super old mouse and keyboard connectors.

  • peter
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    9 years ago

    Did you think about the operating system? Pricefighter manufacturers wil offer computers without os to make them look extra cheap, but you still need an os. Also a system without os is less easy to test so it's also more difficult to find any problems and claim warranty.

    Also don't be to impressed by the 4.0Ghz quad. The fx-4100 is a reasonable cpu because of it's low price but it's performance is mediocre, as you can see here: (still good value for money)

    Here is a barebone-system that looks a bit like your computer:

    My suggestion would be:

    cpu/motherboard/memory: 150

    (or get a similar priced cpu/motherboard/memory combination. i choose a bundle to avoid suggesting incompatible components)

    psu: 45

    (a good powersupply is very important, and corsair powersupplies are about as good as it gets)

    casing: 15

    (cheap and simple, supports both atx and micro-atx boards)

    2 120mmm case-fans: 6

    (you wil need some airflow, as the casing doesn't come with fans)

    os: 73

    (there's no getting around it)

    dvd-writer: 17

    hdd: 38

    (use your old hdd as a 2nd hdd)

    videocard: 63

    Palit-1024MB-DDR3-GeForce-GTS-450-SE-VGA-DVI-HDMI-PCI-E-Retail at

    total price: 407 pounds. It's more expensive then your computer but at least it has an os, and it also has a better videocard and good powersupply. That it only has 4Gb of memory shouldn't make a lot of difference. There are also ways to make it cheaper. For instance re-use your old hdd and dvd-drive, or look for a cheaper motherboard/cpu/memory bundle and/or videocard (for instance the gt 520 is available for 30 pounds, but is also worse then the gts 450).

    Some more info on building a computer:;_ylt=AonKy...

    Tip: First build the computer and use it temporarily on it's integrated graphics, and then then take your time to select a good videocard, keeping in mind that it should not be to demanding on the powersupply (look at or for minimal psu-requirements). Also you have a slim chance then that prices may have dropped by the time you finished the computer.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Tengo buena experiencia con los ratones que he comprado en los sitios web, aun está funcionando muy bien, el ultimo ratón que he comprado ha sido un ratón para mi ordenador portátil, el ratón esta más pequeño de lo que me esperaba cosa perfecta para mí porque cabe muy bien en la bolsa de mi ordenador, funciona muy bien y el cable lo puedo ajustar como quiero, excelente compra como siempre.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    its fine for moderate gaming but if you should get a better graphics card

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    anything Apple is great but honestly its a little over priced but toshiba has been pretty great to me!:)

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