Help On Romeo & Juliet?

What happened on Wednesday of Romeo and Juliet? Thanks!

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    Act 4 Scene 4 Wednesday 3:00 a.m. Line 4: "The curfew bell hath rung, 'tis three o'clock" (in the morning). Everybody is scurrying round getting ready for the wedding, except Juliet, who is in a coma by now.

    Act 4 Scene 5 Wednesday morning . Juliet is discovered "dead" by her family.

    We can assume the funeral was sometime on Wednesday ;

    "Dry up your tears and stick your rosemary

    On this fair corse, and, as the custom is,

    And in her best array, bear her to church." There doesn't seem to be any delay between the "death" and the burial.

    Did Balthazar leave Verona on Wednesday after seeing the "funeral"? We can't be sure. The next scene is in Mantua, and since Romeo is talking about a dream he had, it may be early Thursday morning. We don't know if Balthazar waited until first light, which would come very early since it's summer. It's 25 miles from Verona to Mantua. This could easily take 6-7 hours depending on his horse.

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