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Im 14 and i weigh about 200 pound and i want to know how to lose 50 to 60 pounds this summer any tips?

i'm going into high school and i want to start fresh i dont want to be teased. i also want to be healthy any tips on diet plans and excersise plans will be greatly appreciated. PLEASE NO RUDE COMMENTS!! al rude comments will be reported.

Thank You :)

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    Its not a realistic goal to lose 50 to 60 pounds in 2 1/2 months, that would be really unhealthy. a more realistic goal is like 15-20 pounds. anyway, heres my advise: you need to determine how many calories your body burns daily. (a simple internet search can find you a website that will calculate that). Then decide how many calories you want to eat a day, no less than 1200ish. You also need to record the number of calories you eat that day. I recommend that you keep a note book and write down everything, or carry around a sticky note, and then transfer it to a notebook or excel spreadsheet.

    *also I recommend dividing your eating up into six small meals a day, it keeps you metabolism going and full speed all day. Humans aren't really made to eat three huge meals a day.

    now on to exercise: make an exercise schedule. have A-days and B-days, with one day for a break. On A-days work on strength, like push-ups, curl-ups, act. Then on B-days, work on endurance, like running a mile. For this you should set yourself a time goal, like a 9 minuet mile. once you reach that time goal add .5 miles to your routine. you could also enter yourself in 5ks, they will encourage you to keep up your training.

    Okay, well I hope this helped.

    Source(s): I'm currently on this plan.
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    Well firstly the largest mistake you made was once seeking to bypass foods, that's under no circumstances the fitter option. Especially breakfast! They name it the essential meal of the day for a purpose. The first line of motion you have to take is be certain you're consuming 3 foods an afternoon. The distinctive technological know-how of that idea is that this: consuming and digesting calls for vigour and whilst you attempt to do and not using a meal (a healthful one in every of direction) your frame appears in other places for that vigour. So what is the subsequent first-class supply of vigour? Fat (that is already on your frame). And while you are frame is residing off that vigour supply it turns into a lot more elaborate so that you can do away with it. My proposal might be to do away with all processed meals, and check out to reduce out speedy meals totally if you'll be able to. You need to adjust your vitamin first and predominant earlier than doing something else. Exercise shall be unnecessary if you are nonetheless consuming junk and no longer giving your frame the integral vitamins and minerals and nutrients with the intention to rev up the frame's right vigour deliver. Hope this is helping.

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    well how tall are you? the best way is to count calories and for you, i would say eat no more than around 1500-1600 calories a day to lose wight. And also do a lot of cardio like jogging or elliptical if you can afford to go to the gym

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    Just eat healthy, dieting actually isn't the healthiest thing you can ever do. Don't, for examplem skip meals. Your body will think you're starving and make sure to SAVE fat and BURN muscle instead. Run plenty, that'll get your heart rate up and burn lot of fat.

    Source(s): 14 too, this is what Iv heard. Don't take it to heart, I'm not writing scripture...
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    eat only vegetables, and drink only water. You won't be hungry, and you will get healthy.

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